About Us


Elohim MAP Kingdom Pte Ltd is associated with Jesus Lives Church Messianic Ministries, under the Apostleship of Dr N Suppaya.

ELOHIM: is the Name of God the Creator. As His company, we possess the divine creative abilities of God for this special work

M.A.P.: is the Messianic, Apostolic and Prophetic Moves of God

KINGDOM: We are a Kingdom-oriented Company and we serve the Kingdom of God

Our Purpose:

  • Trading of Messianic & Israeli products,
  • Generating support for Messianic ministries,
  • Promoting the urgent AIR (Awareness, Importance, Relevance) of the Messianic Move in churches of Singapore and Asia.

Our Vision:

  • To actively promote the Israel Anointing and the Hebraic truths to the people of God
  • To generate resources to educate the churches about the current Messianic move of God through resources and media
  • To be the eminent and leading distributor of Messianic and Israeli products in Singapore and Asia